The main question asked today is who can I trust , there are so many tours out there. Well my answer is who has been around the longest and who has the most experience! I started bringing my friends to Ecuador back in 1968 after I had started surfing in Ecuador in 1966. I became actually even a surf guide for my friends and family in Ecuador because I was the adventurer back then that went to all the new surf breaks. Like Montanita the most popular surf break in Ecuador, I discovered back in 1970 before any even locals surfed there , I say locals , because even though my father is Ecuadorian and I have a multitude of family and friends there, I do live most of the time in Florida. With a deep family heritage I tell our travelers they are always just a telephone call away to me whether I am with them or in Florida of which I can call a few cousins of mine and friends and get whatever problem or situation that may come  up and get it taken care of. Which is a great commodity in a third world country. I started the first surf shop in Ecuador back in 1971 named Mar Bravo Surf Shop in Urdesa,Guayaquil. So since I have had a very thriving relationship in the surfing industry in Florida and Ecuador with balsawood boards,blanks,surfboards,  retail store, surf camps,real estate and our surf tours to Ecuador. There are so many fly by night surf tours right now, that have old cars,no business license and marginal places to stay that I would be very careful who you send your money to. Today I have a very trustful main surf tour guide , Sergio Perez Rivas, he is 30 years old and speaks perfect English. He comes from a great  family backround and his mother Rocio even has one of our Villas that we use that is really beautiful. Very fine people and place in Playas. There is so much to say, the one thing we do stand on is good business ethics and taking care of our customers. You can go with us and feel confident, call us are here in Melbourne , Florida USA. I would be careful of sending money to someone in another country that you do not even know, there are some tours with some very poor business ethics of which I do not do business with them in Ecuador and have done business with them  before and found out the hard way! Just a warning! Ecuador is a beautiful country with some very friendly locals and endless point breaks and more than just surfing for any adventurous traveler. We offer more than just knowing the waves, we offer a safe,secure, fun trip that has been in business  since 1970! You are invited to come and enjoy Ecuador!
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George Robinson
God bless!